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Get free cricket betting tips and match Predictions reports for all international, domestic cricket events. With deep knowledge and our resources, we provide best tips and predictions in the world. Because we are not a single person tipster site we have a whole team of experts in their own area of specialization. That’s why our predictions are not based on hit and trial method(tukka), they are purely based on calculation and analysis of the game called cricket. Because “We have Huge experience of 7+ years in this field of tipping and betting”.

GURUCBTF is the only place where you can relay with the confidence of getting big wins and sure profit.

Because who do you call a GURU?

The answer is who knows how to things work and have knowledge of a specific field I.e. education, games or many more things .So

GURUCBTF have knowledge of Cricket Betting with very long experience of tipping and predictions.

So many punters came in this huge world of betting loose some time win sometimes but never win with a steady pace why?

Because every field has its own set of rules and so does Cricket Betting. Don’t put your hard earned money in hands of bookies while you can win it with little use of mind and sure shot tips & Predictions of GURUCBTF.

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